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As part of ensuring your safety while helping with ADIMS Agency, please provide an emergency contact.
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Training and development or Mandated volunteer
A Training and development or Mandated volunteer is someone who needs to volunteer to complete a required number of volunteer hours for a third party. If you are applying to complete a requirement, please complete this section. (Example: 40-hour high school credit. Ontario Works requirement, etc.)
What is the timeframe to complete your volunteer hours/placement?
What is the timeframe to complete your volunteer hours/placement?
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An ADIMS Agency volunteer is anyone who, without expectation of compensation, intentionally performs a task at the direction of or on behalf of A Day In My Shoes Agency. Please confirm your understanding of the terms below by checking the following boxes. Prior to commencing my volunteer activity with ADIMS:
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Volunteer applicants give permission for the collection, creation, use and disclosure of personal information for the purpose of screening for a volunteer role. Successful applicants who become members of the ADIMS Agency volunteer roster further consent to the collection and use of their personal information in order to facilitate the volunteer staff partnership through volunteer recognition, statistical purposes and to help in improving how we partner with volunteers. As a ADIMS Agency volunteer:
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